Validate, outline, build, and launch your own best-selling online course in just 14 days — all with AI’s help.

Get access to the lessons and systems I used to generate $300k+ from my first-ever product — now fully automated with AI — so you can build your own course 10x faster.


Throughout history, there are generational moments that forever change society. 

During these rare revolutions, the smartest people of the time recognized what was happening, and they profited the most…

Just look at Henry Ford and the car.

Bill Gates and the personal computer.

Elon Musk and the electric vehicle.

Now, I'm not saying you'll be the next Ford, Musk, or Gates.

But you don't need to be in order to capitalize on a trend. 

Let me explain...

Think of the early Bitcoin buyers, the early e-commerce entrepreneurs, the early influencer marketers.

Within these fields, 100's of thousands of people you've never heard of built fortunes simply by being early to their respective trend. 

And now, my friend, you’ve been gifted another opportunity to be early again.

I am, of course, talking about artificial intelligence.

Over the past year alone, AI has unleashed human productivity to an unbelievable degree. 

Just listen to what Google CEO Sundar Pichai said:

“AI is one of the most profound things we're working on as humanity. It's more profound than fire or electricity.” 

The intriguing part is, when you combine this new, god-like tool with your business ideas…

AI alone will never replace creators. 

But AI-powered creators will outgrow, outearn, and ultimately replace creators without AI.

You can hit your business goals in weeks, while it might take your AI-less competitors months or even years to accomplish the same outcomes.

I know this is true because I changed my future by combining my AI skills with a digital course.

You can hit your business goals in weeks, while it might take your AI-less competitors months or even years to accomplish the same outcomes.

I know this is true because I changed my future by combining my AI skills with a digital course.

A digital course is the most powerful way to scale your income without putting in more time.

Naval Ravikant explained it best:

“The most interesting and the most important form of leverage is the idea of products that have no marginal cost of replication. Earn with your mind, not your time." 

You build your product once, and you can sell it infinite times without needing to put any more time into it.

When you’re sleeping it earns for you.

When you’re hanging out with friends it earns for you.

When you’re at a dark techno club in Budapest, it earns for you (I know from experience). 

In other words, product leverage is the greatest business model for true digital freedom.

Since launching my course last August, it’s made me $300,000+ (5-figures/month on average).

first 4 days alone banked me over $120,000.

But here's the thing. A few months before, I never would've believed this statement...


From “broke crypto guy” to mid-six-figure profits in 9 months.

In November 2022, I lost almost my entire net worth in the FTX crypto scam.

Not only was it financially devastating, it was an absolute humiliation to be scammed like that.

But if there's one thing I'm grateful for from that excruciating experience, it’s this:

Hitting rock bottom was the push I needed to bet on myself.

Because the very next week after I lost it all, ChatGPT was introduced to the world.

Like many solopreneurs, I was intrigued by the potential of AI to build an audience online.

So I started sharing all the AI prompts, tools, and lessons I was learning on Twitter (now X).

4 months of focused content creation later, I surprisingly grew the AI Solopreneur X account to 100k+ followers and my email list to 17k+ subscribers.

With that size of an audience, I thought I’d be printing money on command.

But in reality, f
or most of 2023 I was only making $3.5k per month.

Meanwhile, it infuriated me to see sub-1k follower creators doing $20k, $30k, even $50k months.

Seeing my first payouts after months of hard work, I had to face a harsh truth...

A big audience alone is no guarantee for big money.

So when I set out to more effectively monetize, I tried out almost every online business model you can think of.

I tried coachingbut it was exhausting and unscalable.

I tried newsletter sponsorship adsbut it wasn’t very profitable.

I thought about an AI automation agency...but I didn't want to deal with the headaches of landing and retaining clients.

Nothing led to the freedom I longed for. So I consulted my mentor — Kieran Drew.

He suggested that online courses are the best way to monetize your audience at scale (he’d done it himself to the tune of nearly $500k).

After more research, I learned that digital products are the greatest business model on Earth:

Digital courses are scalable.

You’re selling hot air on the internet, with 95-100% profit margins after setup.

Digital courses make money while you sleep.

Once a course is setup, it keeps making you money as long as you continue driving traffic to it.

Digital courses have low monetary setup cost.

Since you're selling knowledge, it doesn’t cost much upfront money to create a digital course (unlike Ecom or a YouTube channel, for example).

I wanted in. So I took his advice and created my first course.

As of writing this, it’s been 8 months since I released The AI Audience Accelerator.

And amazingly, it’s made me a third of a million dollars...

....and made checking Gmail in the morning my favorite thing to do...

...and finally made my Mom proud of me when I got featured in Business Insider ;)

All of this came from just ONE product I created. My first-ever course.

You can build a six-figure business by selling your knowledge online.


Gone are the days of grinding 20+ years up the rungs of a corporate ladder.

The internet has introduced an entirely different career path.

One, that if done right, can bring you significantly more freedom AND profits.

Because here’s what’s so alluring about our booming internet economy (one that Goldman Sachs expects to 2x over the coming years)…

You don’t have to be an expert to turn a great idea into a best-selling course.

In other words, you don’t have to know it all.

If you're just a couple steps ahead of someone else...

Then you can charge for the steps behind you.

There’s a battle you’ve won, a problem you’ve overcome, or knowledge you’ve learned that other people would gladly pay to know.

You might not believe this, but it’s true.

Your self-doubt likely comes from a cognitive bias called the “Curse of Knowledge.”

The curse of knowledge states that "once you know something, you find it difficult to imagine the viewpoint of someone who doesn't know it."

What’s obvious to you, isn’t obvious to others. 

And thanks to the massive scale of the internet, there’s TONS of people online who want to solve what you’ve solved.

Let’s do some quick math.

There’s 5,350,000,000 active users on the internet.

You only need to sell 56 of them a $150 product every month to make 6-figures online.

And with the right AI systems in place, you can identify your big idea and turn it into a highly profitable product within just 2 weeks.

But as millions of entrepreneurs flood the creator economy in the next few years, your window to get ahead depends on one thing:

How quickly you can get to market.

Keep up with the pace…

Or get left in the dust.

In 2024 and beyond, it simply isn’t enough to have a great product anymore.

Let me explain:

ChatGPT is the fastest growing product of all time.

Which means literally hundreds of millions of new people are learning to leverage AI to 10x their productivity every single month.

Which is why becoming AI-powered isn't just "a helpful tool" in the booming creator economy...

It's starting to become a necessity if you want to stay competitive.

If you become effective with AI, it'll propel you miles ahead of your creator peers who decide to ignore it.

Let's take course monetization as an example.

Building a course is no easy task (understatement of the year)...

You can build and build and build…

Devoting months and months of your life to perfecting your product…

Only for it to flop.

A flop can be caused by 3 main reasons. Either:

  • Your idea wasn’t pre-validated.
  • You didn’t market it effectively.
  • Someone else launched a better course faster than you, stealing your market share.

In any case, I can only imagine how demoralizing that experience might be for a creator (probably similar to how I felt in the FTX scam).

Spending all that time, energy, and stress — just for it to not even be worth it.

So now, it’s not even a matter of IF you should use AI to move faster…

The real question is: can you afford NOT to use AI to build your course?


The AI Advantage: 

Build your best-seller course in 1/10th of the time.

It takes a broad set of skills (copywriting, sales, research, etc) to launch a course…and it takes years to master each of those individual skills (that's why I paid $15,000+ for help).

Today, I’m going to show you the only course out there that will comprehensively help you productize all of this 10x faster than everyone else.

I took everything I learned from my first product launch:

  • $15,000+ worth of knowledge from experienced product mentors.
  • Over 800 hours of hard-won personal experience building courses.
  • $300,000+ in product revenue.

And reverse-engineered all of it into comprehensive AI systems that'll help you execute on it blazingly fast.

The prompts and step-by-step systems are so simple, any AI beginner can use it.

Now, I’ll admit…

I never intended to create a course on “how to build a course.” 

But when I saw how much of a pain point it was for me when I built my first product…

I knew this was an incredibly valuable problem I could solve for other course creators.

And that’s what makes this product like nothing else on the market.

My system and library of prompts were created by actually doing the thingnot based on hypothesis or theory.

Unlike many creators who sell their audiences on business models that they themselves don’t run (I’m sure you can think of a few)…

My time and money is where my mouth is.

I truly believe digital products are the greatest, most leveraged business model on Earth. 

That's why I'm investing everything into building out my own digital product ecosystem. 

And after finding my own success, I want to help you build and monetize your own product ecosystem, too.

Today, you’ll get access to the same exact systems I used to research, build, and launch my six-figure course — all automated with AI so you don't have to sacrifice months of your life.

Not only this, but I was careful to ensure my AI systems were all-encompassing and easy-to-follow — so any creator across any niche could effortlessly use it...

The AI Course Creator is perfect for entrepreneurs ready to leverage new technology & impact more people.

I was having a chat with Kieran Drew a while back and he said this:

“Beware of anyone who sells you an untested system. Because it’s all well and good if it works for them. But the only thing that matters is if it works for YOU.”

I couldn't agree more. 

Which is why I made sure the AI Course Creator works for solopreneurs just like you.

You’ve seen exactly how this system has worked for me, but to confirm it also works for any type of creator...

I beta-tested the product with a small cohort of solopreneurs across different niches just to make sure.

Here’s how my system has already helped them:

This system is built specifically for entrepreneurs who:

  • Are motivated to STEP UP to the 1% of internet creators
  • Don’t want to WASTE hundreds of hours on the logistics of course-building
  • WANT to increase their earning potential exponentially by productizing their knowledge
  • BELIEVE there is a big idea inside their head that needs to be shared at scale
  • Are ready to BECOME one of the most powerful voices in their niche

…and are willing to work with AI to achieve it.


For the first time ever…


The AI Course Creator is the first (and only) course that will help you build and launch your own best-seller course without grinding your face off to do it.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you pick it up:

MODULE 1: Research Your Audience

In this module, you'll gain a deep understanding of your target audience through AI-powered research. I will share the specific questions and techniques I used to nail down a profitable niche for my $300k course, so you can build with confidence knowing your product idea is validated to sell.

You'll discover how to:

  • Find a $100,000 course idea using AI-guided introspection
  • Strategically select course topics that align your expertise with your audience's needs and proven market demand (using my AI methods)
  • Use plug-and-play AI prompts to generate an "Audience Transformation Map", ensuring your course delivers the results your students crave
  • Leverage AI to generate the initial blueprint of your course with detailed module and lesson outcomes (completely automated)

With these tools, you'll confidently determine what to build and who to build it for, setting the stage for a successful course launch.

MODULE 2: Create Your Course Content

Module 2 simplifies the otherwise overwhelming process of outlining and creating your course content. I'll provide my proven AI-powered tools and techniques to help you breeze through the content creation phase.

Inside, you'll find:

  • A comprehensive library of mega-prompts to expand your course blueprint into a fully fleshed-out, high-value curriculum
  • The unique pre-sell strategy I used to validate my course idea before recording any content (so you can build with confidence)
  • Effective accountability methods to keep you motivated and productive throughout the course creation journey
  • Streamlined AI prompts to 10x the speed of actually writing the course content (which otherwise takes forever if done manually)
  • My proven, step-by-step course refinement system that will transform your rough draft into a captivating masterpiece that keeps students hooked, raving, and coming back for more

Say goodbye to prolonged, solitary content development. This module equips you to efficiently create a course that delivers exceptional student results and drives serious revenue.

MODULE 3: Building the Online Course Platform

Module 3 focuses on getting your course curriculum online and ready for students and payments, without technical confusion or design roadblocks.

You'll get access to:

  • My bulletproof tech stack and step-by-step guides for taking your course live with ease (so you maximize sales and avoid payment processing hassles)
  • Everything you need to know about writing a banger sales page (even if you have 0 experience in copywriting)
  • Proven, AI-powered sales page writing and design templates to persuade your audience and start enrolling students (even if you have 0 copywriting experience)
  • The exact promotional email and social media sequences I used to boost sales and collect extra revenue (even with a small initial audience)

No coding or design skills required. Simply follow the step-by-step blueprint to polish, publish, and position your course for maximum impact and income, with AI holding your hand the whole way.

MODULE 4: Take Your Course to Market: Launch, Hype, Profit

In this module, you'll learn proven strategies to successfully launch your course, generate buzz, and drive sales. I'll share the exact techniques I used to build anticipation, engage my audience, and cash in on launch day.

Here's what we'll cover together:

  • How to build your course waitlist, warm up your audience, and drive sales through targeted email campaigns and social media posts
  • Social Media Hypeman Part 1: How to build hype before launch, create a big BOOM on launch day, and leverage social FOMO techniques to boost enrollment
  • Social Media Hypeman Part 2: Advanced strategies to maintain momentum, attract more students, and maximize profits post-launch (so you have steady income rolling in months after launch day)

After you finish this module, you'll have mastered the art of the course launch and watch as your hard work pays off in the form of enthusiastic students, glowing reviews, and a thriving online business.

It's time to get off the sidelines.

Stop watching others succeed and start writing your own online course success story.

Join the AI Course Creator program, and let's work together to bring your game-changing course to life.


Let me show you a few examples of people who have already transformed their course creation with this system.

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Your invitation is available for a short time.

I hope you’re as excited as I am by the moment in history we find ourselves in.

AI has truly empowered the individual more than any other time before in history.

With Sora, a solopreneur can now create Hollywood-level films.

With Midjourney, a solopreneur can now create Louvre-worthy digital art.

And with the AI Course Creator, you can now quickly create a world-class, 6-figure digital product.

Because of AI, it has never been easier to build a highly profitable internet business that earns for you passively.

So today, I’d like to invite you inside the AI Course Creator.

You don't need a big audience.

You don't have to be an expert to build your course.

You don't need world-class marketing or writing skills to launch.

And now, for the first-time ever, you don't even need that much free time to launch your own product.

The AI Course Creator makes digital product monetization more accessible for you than ever before.

Now, I want you to imagine 2 weeks from today.

Think of the exact date on the calendar.

If you follow the AI-guided steps inside this course, that day is how quickly you could have your first digital product live and earning revenue for you.

$15,000+ worth of knowledge from experienced product mentors.

Over 800 hours of hard-won personal experience building courses and AI systems.

$300,000+ in product revenue.

All automated with AI and packaged into a single, step-by-step roadmap for you.

This curriculum won’t cost you five figures (like what I paid).

Hell, it won’t even cost you four figures.

You can get my entire AI Course Creator systems and prompt library for only $647 — because every solopreneur deserves an opportunity to seize this special moment in history.

When you combine your valuable knowledge with AI, these systems will help you build a profitable digital product business faster than you imagine possible.

Your dream of achieving passive income on the internet via digital products has never been more within reach.

Now, how much do you value your time?

If you're an ambitious person, I expect your hourly aspirational rate will be at least $100/hour.

So with this in mind, and given that manually building a course would take you literally 100's of more hours than building with the AI Course Creator systems...

This single, one-time investment frees up tens of thousands of dollars of your time AND the outcome will earn for you on top of it.

The AI Course Creator is the most comprehensive, streamlined and unfair advantage you’ve been looking for on your digital product journey.

There is no second best time-for-money investment.

The buttons above take you to the checkout page, where you’ll be asked to enter in a few numbers and letters.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have immediate access to the curriculum so you can get your $100k idea unlocked by the end of the day.

Join us today…

And these special bonuses are yours, too.


Design 101: How I create effective course slides in Canva

  • Discover the key design principles that make your course slides pop and enhance student learning
  • Get access to my personal library of 20+ stunning, ready-to-use Canva slide templates
  • Learn my step-by-step process for quickly transforming your written content into visually captivating slides


Video Recording 101: How to record your first video course with confidence (even if you've never been on camera before)

  • Learn to setup a professional-grade video studio at home
  • Master proven techniques to deliver engaging, high-energy recordings that keep students hooked
  • Leverage AI-powered tools to edit and enhance your videos with ease, even if you're a total beginner


2x Q&A Live Calls inside Circle with Ole

  • Get personalized course reviews and 1-on-1 feedback
  • Join forces with other course creators to stay accountable
  • Receive personalized advice tailored to your unique course

Ready to jump on the “next big thing”?

Quick reminder, the AI Course Creator is only open for enrollment until June 6th at 23:59 PST.

After that, the doors close until I re-launch sometime later in 2024.

To this point, I’ve shared everything you need to know about this system.

Now it’s entirely up to you.


You can struggle away for the next 5 months, trying to keep up manually, watching as other AI-powered solopreneurs jump to the top.

Or you can invest $647 and seize this special moment in history to take advantage of the AI revolution.

So my only question to you is…

If not now…when?

You won't ever feel "ready." No entrepreneur ever does.

I can’t promise that you’ll make over $300,000 on your first course like I did…

But I CAN guarantee that you won’t make $1 sitting on the sidelines.

And if you sell your product for $150, you’d only need 4 sales to recoup the cost from this investment.

So if you don’t want to spend the next several months (or years) on the sidelines watching other entrepreneurs build and sell their courses, join the AI Course Creator.

Together with AI, we'll bring your $100,000 idea to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have an idea for my course yet? Will this work for me?

Yes. The key part of the first module is helping you come up with your big course idea. There’s some battle you’ve won, lesson you’ve learned, or win you’ve accomplished that other people will pay to learn from you.

I’m not an expert at what I do. How will this work for me?

You’ve overcome something, achieved something, or learned something that other people are burning to know. And inside the course, we use AI to help identify this golden idea. I wasn’t an expert at AI when I started, either. ACC is designed to help you uncover that big idea inside of you – regardless of your “expertise.” As long as you're 1-2 steps ahead of someone else, you can charge for the steps behind you.

How much does the AI Course Creator cost?

$647 flat. But if you’ve previously purchased the AI Audience Accelerator — $449. Considering this system helps you create a course that generates revenue for years to come (and saves you literally hundreds of hours), I promise that it’ll be worth every penny.

Doesn’t AI content sound robotic? How can I stay authentic if AI is writing most of my course content?

That’s the beauty of my system. Not only will I teach you how to use AI, I’ll teach you how to make it do anything you ask. Even how to write just like you speak.

Is this JUST ANOTHER course on building courses?

Actually, it’s not. Yes, there are video lessons in this system, but it’s way more than that. See, I wasn’t interested in building something that you could just “learn” how to create a course…I wanted to make something that actually helped you DO IT. The AICC includes actual AI prompts, helpful templates, and step-by-step tutorials to make building your course 10x easier.

I’m crazy busy. How much time is it going to take me to build a course?

This system will make building a course 10x easier for you — whether you’re able to go all in or just chip away at it. If you go all in, you can absolutely crank out a course in 14 days. But if you’re really busy and only able to work on it part-time, it'll still help you get a course out within a month. The pace you move at is totally up to you.

But what if my course doesn’t sell?

I had the same concern. It’s natural. That’s why research, validation, and MVP are baked into this system. If you follow the pre-selling steps I show you, you'll prove it's a monetizable idea before you even build. You’ll always feel a little nervous — even if you believe in your product. But by pre-selling and making sure it’s actually something people want, you can feel confident it won’t flop.

What about all the marketing for my new course? I’m not a marketer or copywriter. Will the AI Course Creator help me market my course?

I’m not a marketer or copywriter either. But my first course generated $126k in the first 4-day launch and $320k overall in the past 6 months. I’ve broken down what worked well from my own marketing assets, reverse-engineered them, and created AI prompts to help you come up with similar marketing language to promote your course. In other words, I’ve made it easy for non-marketers like me to promote your course.

Is this course just a list of prompts?

You’ll get prompts in the materials, but this course is WAY more than prompts. It’s course-building curriculum, AI prompts, and content + launch strategy all in one time-saving package. As for the prompts you’ll receive? I’ll show you HOW to use them and modify them, as well.

Is there a time limit on the course material?

Nope. The material you receive with your purchase is good forever, including the bonus material.

Ready to dig in and get the AI Course Creator?

Ready to take advantage of the


For only $ 647 today